DART System



DART believes in open and free collaboration with developers and organizations helping evolve the blockchain space.

DART Labs is a division dedicated to helping developers take their applications to the next level.

There are 3 primary categories of Labs that you can reach out to:

  1. Asset or Protocol developers: If you have a digital asset, protocol or ecosystem that is past early development and you would like to add it to the DART list of supported assets, please reach out using the form below.
  2. Trade Script Engineers: If you have developed a trading algorithm that you would like to make available to DART users without worrying about exchanges, latency, administrative and regulatory management, reach out using the form below with details on your strategy, performance history and data feeds used. Note that we require a minimum of 6 months live trading with an AUM exceeding $1m USDC. Back tests are not an acceptable replacement.
  3. Financial Services & Vendors: If you are a regulated trade, collateral, lending, investment manager or fund, please reach out to see how you can participate with our Yield programs. Please include a brief of your history, relevant licensing, and references with your initial contact.

To begin, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page